UWA Women's Basketball

  • Took control of the team’s social media in November of 2022
  • Created and produced quality content for UWA’s Women’s Basketball Instagram page
  • Increased accounts reached by 56%, accounts engaged by 104% and followers by 3.4%

  • Generated over 100 followers organically with no paid advertisement

Phifer Inc

  • Summer intern for the world’s largest screen wire manufacturer
  • Produced product photography featured in Phifer’s CostCo product photography
  • Worked with the hardware department to produce a new hardware brochure featured in Lowe’s, Home Depot and Ace’s Hardware
  • Proofread several company brochures before production

Vivid Visions Photography

  • Created business while a freshman in college
  • Managed and maintained all client work
  • Created mass quanity of quality photography for all clients
  • Produced a timely turn around on all client albums



  • Years of work with both DSLR and mirrorless cameras
  • Experience in both portait and product photogrpahy
  • Comfortable in most shooting condition
  • Can use most all major brands of camera
  • Able to not only photograph, but video as well


  • Proffecient in Lightroom, Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign
  • Comfortable in Premier Pro


  • Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • Helped designed a website for the Alabama Historic Commission
  • Created this website
  • Comfortable in WordPress and Divi themes


  • Holds Google Analytics Data certfication
  • Holds Hootsuite Platform training certification